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  • Improving power management

    lundi, décembre 20, 2021 34 il y a ... jours

    SurgeX's Justin Peyton, director of sales EMEA explains how online double conversion UPS technology can support residential systems and provide a business growth opportunity for integrators.

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  • SurgeX has been recognized by CEDIA as a 2021 best new hardware winner for the UPS + Isolation Transformer

    vendredi, novembre 12, 2021 72 il y a ... jours

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  • SurgeX Product Roadmap – Re: Pandemic

    lundi, novembre 8, 2021 76 il y a ... jours

    SurgeX responds to AV Technology Product Roadmap question: How has the pandemic shaped your company’s product/service offerings?

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  • CE Pro Podcast #81: SurgeX Powers Up Installs for Better Power Protection, Remote Monitoring & More

    vendredi, novembre 5, 2021 79 il y a ... jours

    Jimmy Paschke & Vince Luciani of SurgeX discuss how to optimize power systems, implement UPS backup, remotely diagnose and troubleshoot; Squid & other products highlighted too.

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  • CEDIA Names Finalists for Best New Products

    jeudi, septembre 2, 2021 143 il y a ... jours

    SurgeX UPS + Isolation Transformer named finalist for CEDIA 2021 Best New Products Awards.

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  • CE Pro Best Award Winner

    mercredi, septembre 1, 2021 144 il y a ... jours

    SurgeX UPS + Isolation Transformer wins CE Pro Best Award at CEDIA 2021 for Power Management, Generation, Surge Suppression and Storage/Remote Services.

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